The Sexual Rights Initiative is a coalition of national and regional organizations based in Canada, India, Egypt, Argentina that work together to advance human rights related to sexuality at the United Nations.


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- July 18
The 56th session of the UN Human Rights Council took place from 18 June to 12 July 2024. The ongoing liquidity crisis experienced by the United Nations, which deeply affects the Council’s functioning, has once again put civil society organisations under an additional and significant burden - especially when it comes to accessing hybrid modalities and organising side events. Below, you will find information on some of the key sexual rights-related: Resolutions Panel discussions Oral statements UPR Outcomes Side Events
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- July 05
We welcome the recommendations made to Malaysia on the ratification of the 1951 Refugee Convention (and its protocol) and regret the noting of the same. Malaysia currently fails to adequately recognise refugee status, and UNHCR registration provides only limited protection against arbitrary arrest, detention and refoulement. Malaysia is yet to provide clarity on how it determines the refugee status of detainees, and indeed the UNHCR has been denied access to immigration detention centres for almost five years now. This is concerning given current policies and the prevailing climate of xenophobia towards refugees and migrants.
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- July 04
Alentamos a México a que las políticas y leyes que adopte tengan un enfoque interseccional, ya que son numerosas las violaciones a los derechos humanos donde además del género o la orientación sexual y la identidad de género, aspectos como la clase, el origen étnico, el estatus migratorio u otros factores incrementan sustancialmente las vulnerabilidades de las personas que sufren discriminación.
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- July 04
We regret the noting of recommendations pertaining to providing access to information and education on sexual and reproductive health. Nigeria is failing to meet its obligations to provide such information, with private institutions left to bridge the gap in access to evidence-based, accurate information. Everyone has the right to learn about one’s body, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health. We call on Nigeria to ensure access to comprehensive sexuality education for all, as part of its obligation to ensure that everyone enjoys the right to a quality education.
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