HRC50 - Statement to Sudan's Outcome of the UPR by SRI & Independent activists

Published on July 04, 2022

Human Rights Council - 50th Session, Item 6

Outcome of the Universal Periodic Review – Sudan

Thank you Mr President, 

Action Canada makes this statement on behalf of independent activists in Sudan and the Sexual Rights Initiative.

We welcome recommendations on finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Sudan, and we continue to work towards peace, and a democratic, civilian-led government in Sudan. We urge the government of Sudan to take measures on the basis of the 2019 Constitutional Declaration that allow the country to recommit to democratic transition and to making progress on institutional and legal reforms. We call on the government of Sudan to immediately revoke the state of emergency and to protect rights to freedom of information, expression, opinion and peaceful assembly. 

We regret that protesters in Sudan are subjected to excessive use of force, violence, ill-treatment and other criminal offences committed by members of law enforcement agencies against civilians, and that there are no effective remedies available. We call on the government to respect the Sudanese peoples’ right to demonstrate, to cease the use of excessive force and arbitrary detention, and to release all civilians detained as a result of the coup.

We welcome recommendations made to Sudan on ratifying international human rights instruments including CEDAW, and on respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of women. The government of Sudan must align domestic laws with international human rights standards, uphold the independence of judges, and take measures aimed at improving the situation in the judicial and penitentiary systems. We call on the government to implement the national action plan for the implementation of the Security Council resolutions on women and peace and Security.

Thank you