HRC 51 Federation for Women and Family Planning Statement to Item 4 General Debate

Published on September 27, 2022

Human Rights Council 

51st session of the Human Rights Council 

Item 4 General Debate 

26 September 2022 


Statement by the Federation for Women and Family Planning 


Thank you, President. 

I make this statement on behalf of the Federation for Women and Family Planning from Poland. 

Refugees coming from Ukraine and through the Belarus border who are survivors of sexual assault face severe obstacles in access to abortion care in Poland. The law requires a certificate from Polish prosecuting authorities attesting to the crime which is almost impossible to obtain due to unclear procedures and accompanying stigma around reporting. In 2021 there were zero abortions recorded in the official statistics of the Ministry of Health when pregnancy resulted from rape. The survivor-centred procedures recommended to be followed by medical providers and police who are assisting survivors are not binding or properly disseminated. Even emergency contraception requires a doctor’s prescription.  

We call on States to hold Poland accountable for the violations of the rights of survivors of sexual assault, including for lack of access to all sexual and reproductive health services.  

We repeatedly call to remove all barriers in access to legal abortion and contraception for all women in Poland.  

I thank you.