Uploaded on August 28, 2023
In 2004, in an article titled “Sexuality, Violence Against Women, and Human Rights: Women Make Demands and Ladies Get Protection”, the legal scholar Ali Miller outlined a paradox. Despite the recognition of women’s human rights and increasing attention paid to violence against women in countless spaces, including through the media, the violence was not understood, prevented or adequately responded to. Miller points to two interconnected phenomena to explain this paradox. Firstly, the rise and practice of respectability politics. Due to this, more ‘explosive’ aspects of sexuality such as desire or autonomy are set aside in favour of issues that present less challenge to the systems of patriarchy, racism and class. And secondly, protectionism.
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Child marriage, early marriage, and forced marriage are all interrelated but distinct terms, and they have been combined in every way possible: early and forced marriage; child and forced marriage; early child marriage; and child, early and forced marriage. Often the terms are used interchangeably in the same document, without any explicit definitions. This paper attempts to analyze most of the terms, with the goal of clarifying each label’s breadth, or at least clarifying the breadth of the ambiguity surrounding each label.