Joint submission to the Independent Expert on foreign debt: multiple crises, fiscal systems and human rights

This joint submission by SRI, AWID and IWRAW AP responds to a call for input issued by the Independent Expert on foreign debt for her upcoming report on multiple crises, fiscal systems and human rights. The submission aims to address the current situation as a crisis of neo-liberal capitalism, white supremacy, colonialism and patriarchy, and calls for an intersectional approach to these crises, their causes and their human rights impacts. Feminist perspectives on debt and on macroeconomic policies have evidenced its gendered impacts, including on care work, as also reasserted by the mandate. We encourage the Independent Expert to continue engaging with feminist critiques of debt, and to engage with debt justice within a broader frame of economic, racial, gender and climate justice, as well as their redistributive components.

The Independent Expert’s report is forthcoming and will be presented at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, in October 2023.

UN Mechanism