UPR Submissions - 13th session

Country: Brazil

Collaborators: SRI, ABGLT

Key Words: human rights of LGBTI people


Country: Ecuador

Collaborators: SRI, El Taller Comunicación Mujer

Key Words: Sexual Orientation; Lesbian Women; Gender-Based Violence; Cruel and Inhuman Treatment


Country: Finland

Collaborators: SRI, Väestöliitto

Key Words: Rights of the Child; Sexual Abuse; Sexuality Education; Juvenile Incarceration


Country: India

Collaborators: SRI, CREA, DMSC, VAMP, TARSHI, CPCJPS, Jindal Global Law School

Key Words: Sex Work; Criminalization; Violence; Non-Discrimination; Right to Health; HIV; Labour Rights


Country: Indonesia

Collaborators: SRI, Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association

Key Words: Early & Forced Marriage; Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Young People; Abortion; Contraception; Sexuality Education; Criminalization; Discrimination


Country: Netherlands

Collaborators: SRI, Rutgers WPF

Key Words: Gender Identity; People with Disabilities; Young People; Contraception; Sexual Violence; Discrimination


Country: Philippines

Collaborators: SRI, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines

Key Words: Maternal Mortality; Contraception; Abortion; Sexuality Education; Criminalization


Country: Poland

Collaborators: SRI, Federation for Women and Family Planning

Key Words: Abortion; Criminalization; Contraception; Conscientious Objection; Sexuality Education


Country: United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

Collaborators: SRI, Family Planning Association

Key Words: Abortion; Criminalization; Right to Health; Right to Privacy; Discrimination