UPR Submissions - 20th session

Country: Bolivia

Collaborators: SRI, Ipas

Key Words: Sexual and reproductive rights, maternal mortality, criminalization of abortion


Country: Bolivia

Collaborators: SRI, Colectivo LGBT de Bolivia

Key Words: Sexual orientation, gender equality, discrimination, violence, sexuality education, public policy, Bolivian legislation, hate crimes 


Country: Bosnia Herzegovina

Collaborators: SRI, Dzenan Karic

Key Words: Sexual rights; sexual and reproductive health and rights, comprehensive sexuality education, contraception, youth friendly services 


Country: Bosnia Herzegovina

Collaborators: SRI, Sarajevo Open Centre

Key Words: Discrimination, Sexual orientation and gender identities, LGBT rights


Country: Egypt

Collaborators: SRI, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

Key Words: Safe and legal access to abortion, family planning, unsafe abortion


Country: El Salvador

Collaborators: SRI, Asociación Solidaria para Impulsar el Desarrollo Humano

Key Words: Gender identity, transgender persons, transexuals, travestis, sexual and reproductive health, public policy, violence against trans persons, discrimination


Country: Iran

Collaborators: SRI, Iranian Queer Organization

Key Words: Transgender, human rights, discrimination, violence, gender identity, cultural life, right to health


Country: Kazakhstan

Collaborators: SRI, Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Key Words: Sexual and reproductive health, rights, access to information, family planning comprehensive sexuality education, abortion


Country: Madagascar

Collaborators: SRI, Association Nationale pour l’Autopromotion des Populations Vulnérables

Key Words: Access to safe abortion, criminalization, unwanted pregnancy, sexual rights, Madagascar, right to life, liberty and security, right to information, right to health, right to non-discrimination