UPR Submissions - 22th session

Country: Belarus

Collaborators: SRI, Anonymous Collaborator

Key Words: Contraception, abortion, sexual and reproductive health information, reproductive rights, sexual rights


Country: Belarus

Collaborators: SRI, Gay Belarus

Key Words: Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, SOGIE, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, LGBT, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, torture and other ill‐treatment.


Country: Bulgaria

Collaborators: SRI, Gender Alternatives Foundation

Key Words: Gender equality, sexual violence, sexuality education, abortion, contraception


Country: Croatia

Collaborators: SRI, Womens’ Room

Key Words: Sexual violence, legal reform regarding rights of victims and survivors of sexual violence, relevant documents and strategies, Protocol of Conduct in cases of sexual violence, lack of support services for victims and survivors.


Country: Malawi

Collaborators: SRI, SafariMbewe

Key Words: Sex workers’ rights, criminalization of sex work, HIV and AIDS


Country: Maldives

Collaborators: SRI, Society for Health Education

Key Words: Women’s rights, women’s representation in public life, participation, empowerment, media, sexual and reproductive rights, violence against women, unsafe abortion, quotas for women, CEDAW


Country: Panama

Collaborators: SRI, Asociación Nuevos Horizontes de Panamá, Asociación Viviendo Positivamente de Panamá

Key Words: Trans women, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, SOGIE based discrimination


Country: USA

Collaborators: SRI, Anonymous Collaborator

Key Words: Criminalization, sex work, HIV, sexuality education, abortion, contraception, reproductive rights


Country: USA

Collaborators: SRI, INPUD, INWUD, WHRIN, NAPW USA, SisterReach, FLCA USA, Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Key Words: Pregnancy, Parenting, Drug Policy, Gender Equality, Racial Equality, Criminalization, Discrimination against Women who Use Drugs, Family Life, Reproductive Health, Health Care, Drug Treatment, Maternity Care, Maternal and Child Health, Health Disparities, Child Welfare, Drug Screening