UPR Submissions - 23th session

Country: Lebanon

Collaborators: SRI, The A Project, Center for Reproductive Rights

Key Words: Family violence, marital rape, personal status law, rights of LGBT persons, contraception, safe abortion


Country: Lebanon

Collaborators: SRI, Arab Foundation for Freedom and Equality

Key Words: Women’s rights, LGBT people, sexual rights, reproductive rights, freedom of Association and Expression 


Country: Rwanda

Collaborators: SRI, Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and Development, IPAS

Key Words: Access to legal abortion, maternal mortality


Country: Rwanda

Collaborators: SRI, Horizon Community Association

Key Words: Freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, right to health, right to privacy, LGBTI people, sex workers, violations by state-actors, access to justice, discrimination, exclusion, HIV/AIDS, right to health


Country: Nepal

Collaborators: SRI, Beyond Beijing Committee

Key Words: Safe abortion, legalization, unsafe abortion


Country: Saint Lucia

Collaborators: SRI, CariFlags, United and Strong Inc.

Key Words: Women’s rights, LGBT people, child rights


Country: Georgia

Collaborators: SRI, HERA-XXI Safe abortion,

Key Words: Access to Contraception and the Rights of Sex Workers.


Country: Georgia

Collaborators: SRI, Real People Real Vision

Key Words: Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Sexual Rights, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation; Sexual Violence; Domestic Violence; Gender Based Violence; Marital Rape; Young Women and Girls.