UPR Submissions - 25th session

Country:  Ireland

Collaborators: SRI, Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland, Sex Workers Alliance Ireland

Key Words: human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, abortion, comprehensive sexuality education, sex work, bodily autonomy, Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act


Country: Sudan

Collaborators: SRI, Anonymous Contributor

Key Words: Child and forced marriage, FGM, sexuality education, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS


Country: Tajikistan

Collaborators: SRI, Anonymous Contributor

Key Words: sexual and reproductive rights; rights of LGBTI persons; rights of sex workers; children’s rights; women’s rights; torture, violence, hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTI people and sex workers; comprehensive sexuality education; barriers against access to abortion; domestic violence; early, child and forced marriages.


Country:  Papua New Guinea

Collaborators:  SRI, Kaleidoscope

Key Words: sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, criminalisation, discrimination, access to health care


Country:  Thailand

Collaborators: SRI, TEA, Kaleidoscope, Thai Transgender Alliance

Key Words: Sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender, gender equality,anti-discrimination, HIV, health, education, constitution, LGBTI rights.


Country:  Samoa

Collaborators: SRI, Kaleidoscope Australia

Key Words: sexual orientation, gender identity, criminalisation, fa’afafine, discrimination