UPR Submissions - 26th Session

Country: Lithuania

Colaborators: SRI, Family Planning,  Sexual Health Association of Lithuania

Key words:  access to contraception; access to abortion; comprehensive sexuality education; youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services; sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).


Country: Lithuania

Colaborators: SRI, National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL Sexual, ILGA-Europe

Key words: LGBT*, sexual orientation; Gender identity; Censorship; Freedom of expression; Homophobic and/or transphobic legislative initiatives; Hate speech; Hate crimes; Legal remedy; Legal gender recognition; Gender reassignment treatment.


Country: Timor-Leste

Colaborators: SRIKaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation

Key words: LGBT; Gender identity; Violence


Country: Togo

Colaborators: SRIAfrique Arc-En-Ciel 

Key words: LGBT; Gender identity; Violence


Country: Uganda

Colaborators: SRI, ISIS WICCE

Key words: Health sector expenditure; Maternal mortality; Unsafe abortion; Human immunodeficiency virus; Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; Sexuality; Sexual and reproductive health; and Female genital mutilation.


Country: Uganda

Colaborators: SRI, Transgender Equality Uganda

Key words: Transgender women; LGBTI People; Discrimination on sexual orientation; Gender identity and expression; Civil rights; Right to health; Education and work.


Country: Uganda

Colaborators: SRI, Stichting Rutgers

Key words: Sexual and reproductive health and rights; Comprehensive sexuality education, Contraceptives, Legal and safe abortion, Adolescents, Young people


Country: Venezuela

Colaborators: SRI, PLAFAM

Key words: Salud sexual; Salud reproductiva; Anticoncepción; Desigualdades de género; Aborto; Educación integral de la sexualidad.


Country: Zimbabwe

Colaborators: SRI, Katswe Sistahood

Key words: Abortion; Decriminalization; Sex work; Access to contraception; Comprehensive sexuality education; Rape