UPR Submissions - 30th session

Country: Canada

Collaborators: SRI, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Key Words: Abortion; Comprehensive Sexuality Education; Sex Work


Country: Canada

Collaborators: SRI, Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

Key Words: Criminalization of sex work; human rights of Indigenous women, migrants, trans persons, persons who use drugs; discrimination; violence; trafficking


Country: Bangladesh

Collaborators: SRI, Right Here Right Now Platform

Key Words: Young People’s sexual and reproductive health and rights; comprehensive sexuality education; unsafe abortions; early and child marriage; health services for youth with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities; gender inequality; gender based violence; youth friendly health services; maternal mortality;


Country: Cameroon

Collaborators: SRI, Coalition of African Lesbians, African Sex Workers Alliance

Key Words: Criminalization of sex work; sexual and reproductive health and rights; HIV; discrimination; violence


Country: Colombia

Collaborators: SRI, Equipo Colombiano de Investigación en Conflicto y Paz

Key Words: Mujeres, lesbianas, bisexuales, campesinas, raizales, palenqueras, indígenas, romm – violencia sexual y patriarcal – conflicto armado – ruralidad – violaciones correctivas – violencia racial – violencia étnica – violencia de clase – violencia estructural – discriminación histórica