UPR Submissions - 4th session

Country: Azerbaijan

Collaborators: SRI, Women and Modern World, Labrys

Key Words: Discrimination Against Women; Sexual Violence; Marital Rape; Forced Marriage; Maternal Mortality; Sex Selective Abortion; Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity; Sex Work; Freedom of Association; Violence; HIV; Right to Privacy


Country: Bangladesh

Collaborators: SRI, Adnan Hossain

Key Words: Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity; Criminalization; Sexual Violence Against Men; HIV; Violence; Intersex Persons; Right to Health


Country: Canada

Collaborators: SRI, Canadians for Choice

Key Words: Abortion; Discrimination; Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health


Country: Canada

Collaborators: SRI, ACPD

Key Words: International Development Assistance; UN Convention on the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families; Labour Rights; Access to Abortion Services


Country: China

Collaborators: SRI, Anonymous Activists

Key Words: HIV; Sex Work; Drug Use; Sexuality Education; Right to Privacy; Discrimination; Sexual Orientation; Right to Health


Country: Mexico

Collaborators: SRI, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS

Key Words: HIV; Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Young People; Discrimination; Sexual Violence; Rights of the Child