SRI Side-event at HRC 55: Political Economy of Sexual Rights

Published on февраля 22, 2024
Event date

12 March 2024 - 14h00 - 15h00 CET
In person: Room XXV, Palais des Nations
Online on Zoom:

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Despite the core and often repeated tenet that human rights are indivisible and interdependent, rights are mostly understood and articulated in individualistic and decontextualised ways that align with neoliberal conceptions of the market, the individual, the state and global governance. As the world faces multiple human rights crises, including wars, genocide, the climate emergency and post-pandemic impacts, one certainty is that until all human rights and fundamental freedoms are adopted universally by everyone, we won't be able to build back better. It is also incumbent upon everyone to embody the idea of indivisibility of all human rights that they are linked to each other and not carved out in separate corners. As multilateral and human rights institutions face a legitimacy crisis, it is essential to understand that intersectional analysis of human rights necessarily means resisting the instrumentalisation of rights of sexual rights, by states, corporations or other agencies. 

Join us for this side event that will ground sexual rights and bodily autonomy in the social and political contexts, highlighting that there can be no hierarchy of rights.  The side event builds on the three conversations the SRI held last on the political economy of sexual rights, the analysis from conversation one, conversation two and conversation three.



  • Omar Khatib, Independent activist, Palestine
  • Jessica Mandanda, The Feminist Macro Economics Alliance, Malawi
  • Andrea Guillem, Feminist activist and member of the International Feminist Association, Ecuador


  • Dipika Nath, Independent activist

This event will take place in English with interpretation available in Spanish.