HRC 52 Statement to the Adoption of the UPR of Brazil

Published on March 28, 2023

52nd session of the Human Rights Council

Item 6: Adoption of the Universal Periodic Review of Brazil

Statement by Action Canada for Population and Development


Thank you president,

Action Canada makes this statement on behalf of Advogados Pela Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero; Network of LGBT Litigants of the Americas; AKAHATA; SYNERGÍA and the Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI).

We appreciate Brazil's acceptance of almost all of the recommendations received during its review, and its noting of two recommendations related to a concept of traditional family that does not conform to Brazilian legislation and jurisprudence and which opposes Human Rights.

Regarding the recommendations related to respecting, protecting, and fulfilling the rights of women and LGBTIQ+ people, including those that involve state agents such as security forces, we highlight that for its implementation to be comprehensive and effective, it should have an intersectional approach that addresses, among other aspects, racism, classism and the migration status of people.

Regarding the recommendations on abortion accepted by Brazil, we highlight that access, far from being universal, continues to be restricted due to discrimination, lack of disclosure and accessibility. We encourage Brazil to implement outreach campaigns and expand the use of telemedicine.

We emphasize that the implementation of the recommendations requires the articulation of all the powers of the State at all levels and that throughout this process, the work must be done jointly and collaboratively with all movements and organizations of civil society.

Thank you.