UPR adoption of Mozambique

Human Rights Council - 48th Session

Outcome of the Universal Periodic Review – Mozambique

Action Canada for Population and Development

Action Canada makes this statement on behalf of Mozambican Young Feminists Movement and the Sexual Rights Initiative. 

Patriarchy is pervasive and entrenched in Mozambican society. Women face restrictions and discrimination throughout their lifetime and in every sphere of life. The feminization of poverty and the greater incidence of HIV/AIDS without proper health care, prevent women from enjoying their rights. While important strides have been made by Mozambique as reported on during the UPR, much more still needs to be done.

We commend Mozambique’s commitment to strengthen access to SRH services, including contraception, but are concerned by Mozambique’s noting of a recommendation that would increase access to abortion for rural women. We are also frustrated by the government’s persistent resistance to recommendations focusing on non-normative sexualities.

We call on Mozambique to:

  1. Ensure all sexual and reproductive health services are available, accessible, acceptable and quality compliant in every community, in every province across the country
  2. Include comprehensive sexuality education as a stand-alone subject in school curriculum.
  3. Decriminalise consensual sex and eliminate the discrimination in registration of non-governmental organisations