UPR Submissions - 19th session

Country: Costa Rica

Collaborators: SRI, MULABI

Key Words: Intersex people; transgender people; transvestites; gay and lesbian people; sexual and reproductive health; public policy.


Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Collaborators: SRI, Si jeunesse savait

Key Words: Abortion; gender-based violence; LGBT rights.


Country: Dominica

Collaborators: SRI, MiRiDom

Key Words: LGBT rights; right to non-discrimination; marriage equality; freedom of expression; right to health.


Country: Nicaragua

Collaborators: SRI, Ipas, Grupo Estrategico por la Despenalizacion del Aborto Terapeutico en Nicaragua

Key Words: Gender-based violence; sexual violence; sexual and reproductive health; maternal mortality; contraception; therapeutic abortion; public policy.


Country: Norway

Collaborators: SRI, Sex of Politikk

Key Words: Rape; sexual violence; sexual health; sexual rights; reproductive health; reproductive rights; sexuality; gender equality; gender stereotypes; sexuality education.


Country: Portugal

Collaborators: SRI, Portuguese Family Planning Association (AFP)

Key Words: LGBT rights; LGBT parenting projects; adoption; medically assisted procreation; sexual orientation; discrimination.


Country: Portugal

Collaborators: SRI, Isabel Nunes (Seres)

Key Words: Sexual rights; right to non-discrimination; women living with HIV; female genital mutilation/cutting; human trafficking; sex work; comprehensive sexuality education.