UPR Submissions - 12th session

Country: Ireland

Collaborators: SRI, Irish Family Planning Association

Key Words: Abortion; Criminalization; Right to Health; Discrimination


Country: Lithuania

Collaborators: SRI, Family Planning and Sexual Health Association

Key Words: Sexuality Education; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People


Country: Venezuela

Collaborators: SRI, CEM-UCV, Araña Feminista, Red de Colectivos de Mujeres

Key Words: sexual rights of women and girls; maternal mortality; early pregnancy; abortion; violence against women


Country: Tajikistan

Collaborators: SRI, Equal Opportunities, Labrys

Key Words: Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity; Gender-Based Violence; Sex Work; Women’s Human Rights


Country: Thailand

Collaborators: SRI, Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand

Key Words: Sex Work; Right to Health; Violence; HIV; Criminalization; Sexual Violence; Right to Work; Sexual Health; Gender Identity


Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Collaborators: SRI, Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago, CAISO

Key Words: Sexual Orientation; Criminalization; Gender Identity; Early Marriage; Abortion; Gender-Based Violence; Right to Privacy; HIV; Right to Health