UPR Submissions - 47th session

The 47th session of the Universal Periodic will take place from 4 to 15 November 2024. 14 Countries are under review during the session: Norway, Albania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Portugual, Bhutan, Dominica, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Brunei Darussalam, Costa Rics, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Qatar and Nicaragua. In collaboration with our partners, the SRI submitted reports for Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bhutan and Albania.



Collaborators: Gender Alliance for Development Center and Sexual Rights Initiative

Key Words: Rights of workers; right to work; right to just and favourable conditions of work; sexual harassment; violence against women and girls; gender pay gap; garment industry

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Collaborators: Tarayana Foundation, Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan and Sexual Rights Initiative

Key Words: Gender equality, gender equity, rights of persons with disabilities, gender-based violence, right to work, access to sexual and reproductive health services, right to health, right to education, access to justice, LGBTQI, HIV/AIDS, sex workers

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Collaborators: International Youth Alliance for Family Planning RDC and Sexual Rights Initiative

Key Words: Sexual violence, gender-based violence, abortion, sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning

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Collaborators: Forum for Africa Women Educationalists (FAWE) Ethiopia, Plan International Ethiopia, Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Ethiopia, Terres des Hommes Netherlands (TdH NL), Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), IPAS Ethiopia, SRHR Africa Trust (SAT), Sexual Rights Initiative

Key Words: Health Sector Transformation Plan II; reproductive health strategy; reproductive health; adolescent youth health; family planning; GBV; Gender Based Violence; SRH: Sexual and Reproductive Health; AGYW; Adolescent Girls and Young women; HIV; Human Immunodeficiency Virus;

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